Friday, February 5, 2010

Wrecking a Life Starts With a Single Step

Hello and welcome to my new blog, I Will Wreck Your Life. In this blog, I'll chronicle the ups and downs and ups of the making of the upcoming Isaac Gillespie & the Due Diligence album, "I Will Wreck Your Life". Thanks Justin Remer of the Elastic No-No Band for the idea

If you still haven't heard the first Isaac Gillespie album, 1971, check it out at: People seem to think it's pretty good.

I'm starting this blog on the eve of the big big recording session with Brian Speaker over at the Brooklyn Tea Party. All the snowcasters and passers-by are predicting the Storm of The Century! for tomorrow morning, but I no worried. This is the first time that all five instrument members of the Due Diligence will be able to get together in one professionally mic'ed room and I don't believe anything will stop us.

We intend to cut the basic instrumental tracks to the albums titular hit single, for which this blog is also named: I Will Wreck Your Life.

More on that later; for now I got to find my guitar picks and get some rest!

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