Sunday, March 7, 2010

This Is Fair, Right?

From: Isaac Gillespie
Subject: Re: Hi Issac

Hey Emily,
Thanks for the message, but I'm not really booking any shows where I don't know the booker or any of the bands. Also, you spelled my name wrong in the subject line.
Best of Luck!
- Isaac


From: Emily Smokler
Subject: Hi Issac

Hi - My name is Emily and I put on shows with live bands at NYC clubs like The Studio @ Webster Hall, Crash Mansion, Fontana's, The Delancey and Brooklyn clubs like Matchless and Public Assembly. I was really impressed with your music - music quality is first and foremost what is important to me. I'm putting a series of acoustic, folk and jazz nites together at the very cute new live music venue Local 269 on E. Houston Street (great location) and they also have full backline and great sound. Admission is $5 or can be reduced to as low as $3. Please let me know if any of the following dates work for you:
THE LOCAL 269, (full backline!)
Sunday April 4 : 7PM OPEN
Wednesday April 7 : 9, 11PM OPEN
Sunday April 11 : 8, 10PM OPEN
Wednesday April 14 : 7, 11PM OPEN
Tuesday April 20 : 7, 10PM OPEN
Sunday April 25 : 7PM OPEN
Nice to know you and hope to work with you soon!
yours truly,
Emily Smokler/Emily Booking


  1. ohhh, such a man of principles.....

  2. Man of principles is right. I don't know a thing about bands she "promotes"; what I do know is she plants her people at the door of clubs for gigs she's NOT promoting, takes all the money, and the bands don't see a cent unless they bring at least twenty people who say they're there for their band specifically. She's a parasite, and you did the absolutely right thing not doing anything with her.

  3. She tried to trick our band into playing a show. Her husband somehow got our phone numbers. First he called our singer and said I already confirmed the band would play. Then he called me and told me our singer said that She would play the show. Before I gave the OK, I called our singer, and she told me her side of the story. We almost had a fight within the band because there was so much confusion.

    Two days later my inbox was spammed with about 30 emails threatening that we would never play in this town again.

    I don't know who Emily Smokler is - but BE VERY CAREFUL, I have never dealt with a 'promoter' that is this sneaky before. SCUM!

  4. I just got almost the same exact email from her trying to book my band. Googled her to see if she's legit and landed here. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. If you're wondering why the scene in New York is terrible, look no further. Firstly, Smokler is not a "promoter" and she does not organize events. Her job is to collect the money from your friends and family that come to see you play (probably for the last time). The dive bars she gets have no built-in crowd, she brings no one, doesn't promote, and even if someone walking by liked your music and wanted to just WALK IN and see what's going on, they're hit with a $10-$15 charge. They'd rather collect the $10 at the door from 5 people than let 20 people in for free and see how many drinks they buy. Which is a much better strategy for, uh, everyone actually involved in the music scene.
    But this is with most failing bars.

    Of course the band is somewhat responsible for bringing people, but since no one new can AFFORD TO STEP INSIDE the place and discover they like your music, you might as well stick to inviting friends to practice. Nowadays more people will stumble across your stuff on Youtube anyway. Yeah. How fun.
    And because this girl has such a big reach for WHATEVER ODD FUCKING REASON, more and more bars will only be booked through her. Which means bars get less and less people because less people will be exposed to your music, a scene is NEVER given the chance to form and is prevented at all costs. Thus, cover band central. She's a plague, the venues she touches will rot and people will ultimately not care about original music in NY. Actually, she's gone beyond the state of NY, unfortunately for musicians everywhere. Where's the rock n roll scene to kick this bitch out on her ass? Why has the power shifted so drastically that every single player in this game is held higher than the talent? Bar owners? Middle-aged drunken hags who call themselves promoters? The guy who stamps hands at the door? All these people are more important than the actual musicians? It's time to change this shit.

    She is grade A c*ntscum. Don't book with her, let her and people like her starve.

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  7. Emily Smokler is a talentless blood sucker that is killing the NY music scene !!
    She is bad news !! SCAM ARTIST !

  8. It's a total scam. An email address books you and then takes 60-80% of your fans' money. Neither the bookers nor the venues care at all about the quality of the music or the comfort of the patrons. They certainly do nothing to promote attendance at the shows.

    This bullshit is spreading to Boston and Philly. LET'S PUT AN END TO IT.

    Will the real music promoters and venues please stand up?

    1. So right. Emily took ALL of our bands money! Sure she slept with most of band gang style but this was before we knew she had a husband and a kid! Not worth it. Rather had gotten paid. No we heard some shitz and have to go get aids test every 6 months. Avoid as a promoter and a one night throw she sucks at both that fuckin leech! The reason Emily Sobel (her real last name) has any power is that she sucked and fucked for it and n
      now blackmails people with it.

  9. yeah this is spam everyone gets it, pay to play nyc scams

  10. yeah this is spam everyone gets it, pay to play nyc scams